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Last night deadrose and I went to see the restored Metropolis at the Cinerama. That was one of the top 5 most amazing cinema experiences I have ever had. There is simply no way to describe sitting there watching Fritz Lang's classic, restored to nearly his original vision. With the original score and sound effects performed live by a 3-piece ensemble.

Some of the restored footage was from a 16mm print recently discovered in Buenos Aries; and the quality is pretty bad; but it's still sufficient to provide the full story, and at least get a glimpse of what the complete film must have been like. I certainly wouldn't complain about it. Especially not after seeing it on the Cinerama's massive screen. It was truly breathtaking, and my inner film geek was riding high all night. Still is, actually. I've seen the previous restoration attempts, but was never able to really appreciate them, for various reasons, mainly the lack of coherence. Being able to see the entire story, complete, I gained a profound appreciation for a film which, although looking dated, has not lost one bit of its power.

It's playing again today at 12:30pm, and I cannot insist strongly enough that anyone who has not yet seen it make every possible effort to do so. (I'm looking at you keightmonster.)

This is something I must own on Blu-Ray; even though I know that watching it at home will never be able to fully replicate that experience.

Date: 2012-04-22 01:52 am (UTC)
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Oh! That sounds amazing :)


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